Japanese Restaurant San Francisco

Experience Tatami-Style Dining

Here at Mokuku San Francisco, we offer a full tatami-style dining experience on the second floor of Mokuku. Along with our high-top seating on the first floor of our restaurant, we also have a tatami dining room on the second floor. Simply specify where you'd like to be seated! If you’re looking for a tatami Japanese restaurant in San Francisco, look no further than Mokuku. Make a reservation today!

Our Tatami Japanese Restaurant

We’re proud to create a unique dining experience for our San Francisco guests.

What is Tatami Dining?

typically at low tables. This style of dining allows for a more relaxed atmosphere and helps to bring the diner closer to nature. At Mokuku, our tatami seating is perfect for both large groups and intimate gatherings, providing a unique dining experience.

Our tatami menu features our all-you-can-eat hot pot and shabu. View our menu and make a reservation today!

Why Choose Tatami Dining?

- Get closer to nature and experience traditional Japanese dining

- Perfect for groups and intimate gatherings

- A fun atmosphere and dining experience

Join us at Mokuku for a tatami dining experience you won’t forget. Make a reservation today

Japanese Tatami Decoration

Our tatami room is more than the tatami mats on the floor. Our Japanese tatami room is traditionally decorated, with arranged flowers, intricate objects, and art. Tatami rooms also have walled panels for privacy, which allow you to have an even more intimate dining experience. Whether you're having a date night for two or a banquet for many, the tatami experience is warm and inviting.

Traditional tatami mats are made of woven rushes, with a soft surface and firm foundation. Our tatami mats at Mokuku San Francisco are authentic tatami mats, ensuring the most traditional tatami dining experience possible.

Sitting Techniques

Many of our western guests are not used to sitting on the floor, which is why we also have high top seating options on our first floor. In Japan, however, sitting on the floor is very common and there are sitting techniques that are used for different occasions. The formal way of sitting involves tucking your legs under you and kneeling, but for tatami dining, at Mokuku it can be more comfortable cross-legged or laying both legs to one side.

We hope you’ll come and experience tatami dining with us at Mokuku San Francisco. Make a reservation today!

Origins of Tatami-Style Dining

Tatami mats have been used in Japan for centuries, dating back to the Heian era. Originally tatami mats were used as bedding and flooring for nobility before becoming more common among all classes of society. Tatami mats became a standard measurement for rooms, with tatami mats typically placed side by side to create tatami rooms. In these tatami rooms, low dining tables were used for traditional Japanese meals.

At Mokuku, we are proud to offer a tatami dining experience that honors the tradition and history of tatami mats in Japan. Make your reservation today for a truly unique and authentic dining experience.

Visit Our Tatami Japanese Restaurant in San Francisco

We invite you to experience tatami-style dining at Mokuku San Francisco. Make a reservation today for a unique and authentic Japanese dining experience, and don’t forget to check out our tatami menu, featuring all-you-can-eat hot pot and shabu. Our tatami room is perfect for both large groups and intimate gatherings, and we welcome groups of all sizes! Along with our tatami room, we also have a tatami-style karaoke room, which is perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or other celebrations. Join us for a tatami dining experience you won’t forget. See you at Mokuku San Francisco!