Karaoke Room

Restaurant San Francisco

Throw Your Next Party in Our San Francisco Karaoke Room!

Mokuku San Francisco has a tatami-style karaoke room that fits 40 people and is available for rent!

Our Karaoke Room

We love when our guests choose to host their party in our karaoke room! We’ve hosted many celebrations, from birthday parties to bachelorette parties, but we believe you don’t need a reason to karaoke with your friends beyond loving to sing together! Order all-you-can-eat hot pot and our signature drinks and sing the night away.

Why Choose Karaoke?

Not only is karaoke a unique and fun way to spend time with friends, but it has been shown to have many health benefits. Singing releases endorphins, reduces stress, and even improves respiratory function. So leave your worries at the door and belt out your favorite tunes in our traditional Japanese tatami room.

If you're nervous about singing in front of others, remember that karaoke is a judgment-free zone. You’re surrounded by friends, and even if you mess up the lyrics or hit a sour note, it’s all just part of the fun!

Ready to reserve our karaoke room for your next party? Give us a call or book online now. We can’t wait to have you singing with us at Mokuku San Francisco!

Order a Signature Cocktail While You Karaoke!

Our signature cocktails pair soju and sake with fresh ingredients to enhance your dining experience. Sake and soju don't have to be plain! Our cocktails:

  • Yuzu drop martini

  • Mojito

  • Apple sake

  • Sake mule

  • Lychee martini

We also have both Sapporo and seasonal domestic beers on tap as well as soju cocktails. If you're looking for sake, we have a wide range of options:

  • House hot sake

  • Sake bomb

  • Ozeki Hana awake sparkling

  • Choryo Sawa Sawa sparkling

  • Hakushika Gokasennenju DGJ

  • Ozeki Platinum JDGJ

  • Dassai 50 JDGJ

  • Hakutsuru JGJ

Japanese Karaoke Culture

Karaoke originated in Japan and remains a popular pastime for Japanese people of all ages. It’s not uncommon to see karaoke bars filled until the early morning hours on the weekends!

Many of our guests are used to western-style karaoke, but the Japanese karaoke experience is much different! Japanese karaoke rooms are typically private, and you can order food and drinks to be brought directly to your room. Western-style karaoke usually involves singing in front of a large group at a bar or club.

Our karaoke room is for private use, so no one besides our staff will enter after you have booked it. That way, you will only be singing in front of your friends, not strangers.

What Is the Origin of Karaoke?

Karaoke first became popular in Japan during the 1970s. Daisuke Inoue, a jazz musician from Kobe, invented karaoke machines to entertain guests at his own parties. Karaoke means “empty orchestra” in Japanese and refers to the machine’s ability to provide instrumental accompaniment for a singer without a live band.

Karaoke quickly spread in popularity, and the first karaoke machine was released to the public in 1975, and by 1985, karaoke bars were popping up all over Japan. In 1983, Japanese singer Kentaro Kobayashi released the first karaoke music video, and it wasn’t long before western countries began to adopt the trend.

Book Our San Francisco Karaoke Room

We offer hourly rental rates for our karaoke room, and you can book it through our website or by calling us directly. We have minimum party size requirements, so be sure to tell us your group size when booking. We hope to see you singing in our karaoke room soon!