A5 Wagyu Beef

Restaurant San Francisco

The Highest Quality Beef in the World

At Mokuku San Francisco, we are proud to serve our guests A5 wagyu beef — the highest quality beef in the world.

A5 Wagyu Restaurant

We serve our San Francisco community as well as tourists visiting the area, and many of our guests come specifically for our A5 wagyu beef.

Along with the other six types of meat on our menu, you can also upgrade to the finest quality of Japanese thin sliced beef — A5 wagyu.

  • Imported from Hokkaido

  • Beautifully marbled beef

  • Rich, luxurious taste

  • Melt-in-your-mouth texture

Make a reservation and taste wagyu beef for yourself!

Why Wagyu?

Wagyu beef is known for its high amount of marbling, which gives it a uniquely rich and luxurious taste. Wagyu cows are also raised in unique conditions — they receive specialized care including massage therapy and daily beer breaks. This attention to detail translates into the exceptional quality of wagyu beef that we serve at our restaurant.

Our wagyu beef is imported from Hokkaido, Japan – the premier region for wagyu production. The cows are raised according to strict guidelines set by the Japanese government to ensure a consistently high level of quality.

What is A5 Wagyu?

Wagyu beef is graded on a scale of one to five, with A5 being the highest level of marbling and overall quality. Our restaurant only serves A5 wagyu – the finest quality of Japanese thin sliced beef available.

Wagyu beef is graded using a system that evaluates the amount of marbling, color and brightness of the meat, firmness and texture of the fat, and color, luster and quality of the meat’s surface. These factors result in a rating on a scale from one to five, with A5 being the highest level of quality.

Experience the richness and luxurious taste of A5 wagyu at our restaurant. Make a reservation today and taste it for yourself!

What Is the Difference Between American and Japanese Wagyu Beef?

While both American and Japanese wagyu beef come from cows with genetic predispositions for marbling, there are a few key differences in the way they are raised and prepared.

American wagyu beef is often crossbred with other types of cattle, whereas Japanese wagyu is typically purebred. The cows also have different diets — Japanese wagyu cows are fed a specialized diet that includes grass and grain, while American wagyu cows may be given a variety of different types of feed.

The grading system for American wagyu beef is also slightly different, with the highest level being “American Style Kobe Beef” instead of A5.

At our restaurant, we only serve the finest quality A5 wagyu beef imported from Japan. Taste the difference for yourself with a reservation at our restaurant.

Four Varieties of Wagyu Cattle:

  • Japanese Black: The most popular breed in Japan, making up the majority of the wagyu cattle population

  • Japanese Brown: Also known as “red” wagyu, this breed has a slightly higher fat content and meat yield

  • Japanese Polled: A rare breed that does not have horns

  • Japanese Shorthorn: A smaller breed with a high meat yield and rich flavor

No matter the breed, all of our wagyu beef is imported from Japan and graded at the highest level – A5. Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture and luxurious taste with a reservation at our restaurant. Book your table now to try wagyu for yourself!

History of Wagyu in Japan

Wagyu cattle have a long history in Japan, with the first records dating back to the second century. The cows were originally used for agricultural purposes and as sources of milk and draft power. It wasn’t until the Meiji period that wagyu beef began to be recognized for its high quality and unique taste, leading to the development of specialized breeding and raising practices.

Today, wagyu beef is a highly sought-after delicacy in Japan and around the world. At our restaurant, we import only the finest A5 wagyu from Hokkaido, Japan — the premier region for wagyu production. Make a reservation to try it for yourself and experience the rich flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture of wagyu beef.